Eliyahu Crossing, Ras 'Atiya, Tue 2.2.10, Morning

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Natalie, Ruthie (reporting); Natanya translating

7.30 Ras Atia.  One soldier in the sentry tower, 4 soldiers at the checkpoint and some more in the checking booth ( we could not go close to see how many).

This checkpoint opens at 6.30 to 18.30. In the room IDs are checked and  people go through an x-ray device.

A bus of children arrived at the village.  A soldier get on and then off the back door as buses are checked at the bus station in Tel Aviv.

Now a woman comes out on foot. She is going to her lands outside the village. She asked our help. She has three sons who are not allowed to go out of the village to the lands. Only she is. The driver and children drive through the checkpoint, showing papers. The man and woman get out of the car and go to the checking area. The soldier explains that the driver is a teacher and so does not have to be carefully checked.

7.50 Ras Tira.  We went into the village but met no one.

8.00 Sha'ar Eliyahu. The traffic flows and there are no delays or detaineesinfo-icon. At Funduk there is a border patrol jeep next to the big house in the centre of the village.

We see army Hummers at the side of the road, after Kedumiem and also soldiers on patrol. An exercise? Expected settler activities?