Eyal Crossing, 'Anabta, Habla, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Thu 28.1.10, Afternoon

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Riva B., Karin L. (reporting)

Translation: Galia S. 


16:35 – The checkpoint is manned. Vehicles pass without any restrictions.

From the direction of Tulkarm, there are no people who try to get into Israel at the entrance. After a few minutes of watching, a military vehicle arrives and the soldiers ask us not to stay there without any protection.

At the entrance into the facility from Israel we see no manned cabins, but it is positive that in the cabin closest to the entrance turnstile there is a checker. Groups of a few tens of workers arrive. They enter the facility grounds and pass without delay. Within seconds they are seen beyond the fence. Asking them about it, they confirm our assumption that this time on entering the magnetic cards haven't been checked.

17:30 – No lines. Few people enter quickly.
We continue through Sufin to Qalqiliya Gate, which is completely free. At the exit of Eliyahu Gate there are lines for Israelis, too, but they progress at a reasonable rate.

Habla, Agricultural Workers' Gate
17:45 – Soldiers are here. Only few people pass on their way back home.