Burin (Yitzhar), Deir Sharaf, Huwwara, Jit, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 17.2.10, Afternoon

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Sara F, Tamar T, Aliyah S. reporting

Translation: Aliya S.

14:45 Za'tara: Empty from all directions.

 15:15 Huwwara
As we approached the checkpoint  from the town we realized that there was a long, long line of vehicles waiting to go into Nablus. We stopped counting at around 50! After we parked and walked to the checkpoint we realized that the line of cars from the other direction, out of Nablus, must be just as long. All movement at the checkpoint had been stopped.

15:20, the line out of Nablus began to move, very slowly. The soldiers were stopping some taxis for checking. We asked when the line into the city would begin moving. "When the pressure on the other side clears up," we were told. Then we noticed that the road coming out of the city was blocked by cars and trucks which had tried to get ahead in the line and had managed to completely block all lanes. Very slowly the snarled traffic unravelled itself, and the line into the city began to move.

We asked the reason for the stoppage. One soldier said, "An exercise." Another soldier said, "A warning."  So who knows?

15:45 Burin/Yitzhar Junction:
A police car,   "yassam," stood at the turn to Yitzhar. It's a vehicle used against demonstrations.
Opposite the road up to Yitzhar, a large jeep and 4-5 soldiers were standing around. Waiting for something?

Jit Junction:
A larger group of soldiers were standing there. An army ambulance stood at the side of the road.

Opposite the entrance to the Kedumim industrial zone there was another army jeep and 4-5 soldiers.

16:00 Deir Sharraf:
The checkpoint was empty. Two Palestinians standing at the side told us that there had been some soldiers there for a while who had held up traffic but then they left.

We assum that the army is preparing to enter Nablus at night. It's only an assumption.