Deir Sharaf, Wed 13.1.10, Morning

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Nura R., Vivian, Shira W. (reporting); Natanya translating

9.00 A line of 10s of cars stretches in the direction of Nablus. In the
opposite direction the traffic flows and there is no line. We phoned the DCO
and the centre  who said that it would take them some minutes to deal with
this. Truly in a few minutes the line let up. But immediately after that
because the  soldiers  continued to allow the traffic to Nablus to
flow swiftly  and practically stopped that coming from Nablus a line
formed again. There were no delays and for the most part cars were not checked
at all. Now and again IDs were checked but at no time did we see that people
had to alight from the cars or checking by computer or communication. We tried
to find out what this procedure was from the soldiers and to see if there was
the possibility of working so that the traffic from Nablus should not have to
wait. From what they said we understood that this was their understanding of
"security regulations" check those leaving Nablus more carefully.
(Even though there was no real checking but mainly the forming of a traffic jam
which was eased every now ad again.

We advise other groups to
go and see what is happening there.