Deir Sharaf, Habla, Ras 'Atiya, Mon 15.2.10, Morning

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Nina S., Ronny S. Translator: Charles K.

6:45  Habla agricultural gate

Laborers are already waiting by the nursery.

Soldiers open the gate and starting letting through the Palestinians who are waiting on the other side, manually.

The door to the booth is again locked, and it doesn’t look like they even tried to open it this morning.  People pass through quickly.  The inspection is carried out next to the jeep.

23 people went through in ten minutes, including a large truck, a tractor, a pickup truck and a number of donkey carts.

7:00  We leave the checkpoint; about 30 are still waiting to cross.


7:10  The Ras Atiya salient, etc.

You can’t drive on the road toward the villages and toward Ras Atiya.  A large bulldozer is tearing up the road at the point where the new fence will connect to the old one, and the new checkpoint will be located.  At present vehicles can’t go through, nor can the children’s bus pass through.

Palestinians cross on foot on their way to work, some on the road and some take a short cut over the hill, apparently to Alfei Menashe.

They say the road has been closed for two days, and there are roadworks.  They don’t know how long they will continue.

The contractor carrying out the work approaches us and says that the village leaders were told the road would be closed; this stage of the work will be over in two more days.  It’s uncertain whether the road will then reopen, but he says that eventually there will be an agricultural gate there.  He says he’ll try to get the children’s bus through on the security road.


7:25  Eliyahu Gate. 

There are still about 12 people waiting at the inspection stations.


7:45  No signs of life at Shvut Ami and the hill opposite.


7:50  Barrels crossing.  Free passage in both directions.  No soldiers visible.


Masses of beautiful lupines on both sides of the road.