Deir Sharaf, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 17.3.10, Afternoon

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Mika S., Aliyah S. reporting

Translation: Aliyah S.

14:50  Marda    
The western gate into Marda is open, a hummer and a soldier are standing at the gate looking in, but we saw no activity there.

15:00 Za'tara    14 vehicles are in line from the direction of Nablus. Soldiers are checking, but not thoroughly and the line is moving. On the way to Huwarra Nadim told us about the policeman who seems to be waiting for him. (He's the one who gave him the fine for someone in the car not being belted.) Nadim said that the last time he was at Huwarra the policeman came to him and was checking his lights, but couldn't find anything wrong. Still, Nadim would not like to meet him again. 

15:30 Huwwara   
Nadim let us off in the parking lot and told us he was going back towards the village; we should call him when we are ready to go. He thought the soldiers might call the police.
    The checkpoint was quiet and the traffic was moving smoothly in both directions. We were standing there about 5 minutes when a white police jeep pulled up by the parking lot and 2 policemen got out. Immediately cars that were  going into Nablus were stopped by the police. The police checked the insides of 2 cars; the driver and a passenger got out and their ID cards were checked. Other cars went through to Nablus. We could not get close enough to the cars to hear what was being said. One car went on its way, and one was still there. We thought we had seen enough and called Nadim. We told him not to come to the checkpoint; that the police were there. We walked down to the traffic circle about 100 meters from the parking lot and Nadim picked us up there and drove off.  

16:00 Deir Sharaf   
A military jeep was parked at the checkpoint. It looked like 2 taxis coming from Nablus were standing on the side of the road and being checked. Soon another taxi coming from Nablus was stopped. Then 2 taxis which had been hidden from our view by the jeep drove on, and then a third taxi was allowed to go, and then a fourth one. The soldiers were checking but the taxis were going on after that. All other vehicles were moving through the checkpoint easily.