'Anata, Hizma, Qalandiya, Thu 18.3.10, Morning

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Judy E and Sheila B

At 6:30am, Qalandiya lines were moving quickly and orderly.  The Ecumencial Observers praised the commander and his unit, suggesting that when this commander and his unit were on duty, the system seemed to be more efficient. We thanked the commander. We might also note that perhaps the installation of surveillance cameras helped to ease the passage and that through the years, the Druze soldiers on duty at Qalandia seemed to handle the situations there well.  We left at 7:30,
determining that Qalandiya was running smoothly

Arriving at Anata, through  the Hizma checkpoint, it was bumper to bumper traffic.

Anata was tense with more soldiers than usual checking cars more thoroughly. One soldier told us that it had been a difficult night and that he had been pelted with rocks. Another soldier asked us to move from the entrance and though we did explain to him that we had a right to be there, we complied as we felt his sense of panic and concern.  In the school bus area things appeared to be going smoothly.