'Anabta, Jit, Ras 'Atiya, Mon 8.3.10, Morning

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Nina S., Ronni S. (reporting),Ttranslator: Judith G.


'Azzun 'Atma

  Summary:  A bus carrying sudents every day is detained at the exit of Ras Attiah for more than an hour.  Everything is the usual story. 06:30   Eliyahu crossingAbout 35-40 workers are still waiting to cross.  Long lines of vehicles waiting to cross into Israel.  We didn't stay, as we wanted to get to 'Azzun 'Atma at the lower entrance (from the PA side). We entered 'Azzun by way of the gate at Izbat Tabib.  The gate was open.  'Azzun still quiet. 

07:00   Azzun 'Atma

To our surprise, there were no inspections at the entrance to the village from the PA area, so there was no line.  We spoke on the phone with Yael S., who arrived at the same time at the upper gate;  she reported that there was a long line there...A Palestinian who crossed in his car said that for 4 days there have been no inspections at this checkpoint.  Very happy about it. 


We left the checkpoint in the direction of Ras Attiah. A Palestinian from Dab'a, next to Ras Attiah, hitched a ride with us and sent many warm greetings to Dalia, who once visited his house and baked pitot with his wife and daughters.  On the way, we looked at the building project spreading over more hills of Oranit.  We crossed the village Hirbat Talmon, which apparently means "peace village". We entered Ras Attiah and passed through the checkpoint without any intervention of the soldiers. 


A childrens' bus entered the village and, at the same time, a childrens' bus went out.  Both buses were stopped for checking..  The one going in, went on its way, while the bus which tried to leave the village and pick up the children at the school was detained. A few telephone conversations to the Hotline and the DCO did not help.  It seems, looking back on it, that we were mistaken and reported the number of the gate incorrectly.  The female soldier at the DCO  said she would send an officer to check.


A man came from town of Wadi Rashah, from which the bus was supposed to collect the children.  A very energetic young man, who also called the DCO and the Hotline, complaining that this happens at this checkpoint practically weekly. 08:30Lieutenant S. arrived, a DCO officer who who always solves the problem and the bus (after careful inspection) goes to the village to bring the children from Wadi Rashah. We talk with the man from the town and with the DCO officer about the problems of this cut-off area.  The bus returns with the children and again has to go through the inspection, even though the DCO officer is still there!  The children will get to their school in Qalqilya at about 09:00.


On the hill opposite Shvut Ami there is a military Hummer parked.  At Kfar J'at there were Hummers with soldiers parked at the side of the road. 09:30The Barrels Checkpoint is open, no soldiers.  We stop at Dir Sharaf for coffee and hot pitot.  The cafe owner says that he heard that in another few months road 60 will be opened, which goes near Shavey Shomron.  We will continue to watch for this. 


Anabta is open, no soldiers.  We passed the Eliyahu gate without any inspection...