Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Ras 'Atiya, Mon 19.4.10, Afternoon

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Fatchia I, Riva B, Natanya translating

19.4.2010, Monday afternoon, the western route, E

Fatchia I. riva B.

Natanya translating.



The agricultural gate, Habla. The gate is closed. One person has been waiting half an hour. An elderly man who has just come back from work. He will wait until 16.45 for the gate to open.

15.30 Ras Atiah checkpoint.  Two people from Dabah are waiting. Their cars are inside the checkpoint. It seems that they bought spare parts to mend a toilet and the soldiers demanded that they bring a permit from the DCO  to transport the contents (all of which fitted into a small car). We spoke with the captain on duty at the DCO  (as we were told to do by Grisha). He spoke to the soldiers and it appeared that there was a permit to bring in the toilet but not the other parts such as square brackets, taps and a basin and such "honourable" equipment should have a permit and coordination with the DCO. Another call to Taisir who said he would deal with it. We left at 16.05 and still the permit had not been received. At about 16.30 we phoned and it turned out that the car had gone through.

16.20 The Eliyahu crossing.  Manned as usual by soldiers but empty and quite. A few cars with an Israeli number "going home" to the settlements.

16.25 Back to Habla where the gate was half way open. The soldiers had just arrived. The man who had been waiting was still there and with him another man (no traffic because of the holiday and closureinfo-icon). Those waiting said that were now waiting for the blonde woman soldier to arrive. We asked the soldiers when the gate was supposed to open and they said we should phone the brigade to ask. The gate opened at 16.45.


In summary. A short route . ("Holiday and closure)"  Few people in either direction at the checkpoints and gate. Some Palestinians we met wished us a happy holiday and we in our embarrassment were silent.