Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 26.10.08, Morning

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Lea S., Yael Z. (reports)


Summary: The roads are empty. Morning news told us about a violent evacuation of Federman's ranch at Hebron. We decided not to enter the city.

7.00 – Maitar CP 
The last batch of workers was being checked, the parking lot was full of vehicles waiting to carry them to work.

A long line of Israeli tracks waiting to be loaded. On our way back we saw them being load with sand.

Road No. 60

7.25 – Army car at the entrance to the DCU

Sheep Crossing –The gate was open but only few cars where seen crossing the junction, no people passing.

Shuyuch – Sair – Long line of nicely dressed girls on their way to school passing from one side to the other while another line of boys walking to the opposite direction towards their school.

Road No. 35

Humanitarian CP – close.

The new CP before the bridge was open for tracks, no military presence around.

Transportation for both ways over the bridge, the way up to the bridge from Tarqumia's side was blocked.

Idna CP – Open.