Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Wed 16.7.08, Morning

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Angelika (a visitor from Germany), Hagit B. (Reporting).

0830 1230

Sansana – Meitar CP
The CP is empty because of the late hour. The cab drivers tell us that the passage of workers was quick this morning. On the way back on days there are prisoners' families' visits, the way home takes time. Yesterday there were fights between the families and the workers.  We are certain that S. the CP manager will know how to handle he problem gently and the queues on the way home will be like the morning.

Tarqumiya CP 
While we're there – around noon – there are no people. Five buses of prisoners' families park on the Palestinian side – the owner of the kiosk says that the passage of ~3500 workers went smoothly in the morning and so did the passage of families – only the sight of  the fences is irritating and disturbing – we warmly recommend to remove these unnecessary fences. Angelika takes pictures and when we return to Israel the head of the shift stops us and asks to see our id's and Angelika's passport. They ask us many questions – why did you take pictures, what organization do you belong to, etc. After we declare that she is simply my friend and the pictures are just for our documentation, they let us pass.

Route 60
A few more Palestinian cars. Most of the blockings are in place – the one that was open to Abada a week ago is closed and the one to Dir Razek is open. The control over when the passage is closed and when it opens remains in the hands of the army. This again prevents the ability of the Palestinians to lead a normal life.

Dura el Fawar and Sheep Junction – there's movement. The pillbox is manned.
Shuyuch – Hebron  - (girl's school) no military. The cab drivers tell us that last week the army did many surprise road blockings in the inner roads and in Bnei Naim and Sair.

Route 35
Humanitarian CP
– the soldiers are in a shooting practice. The CP is closed as usual and the pillbox manned. All blocking are in place.
Chalchul Hebron Bridge – traffic is smooth. Idna-Tarqumiya – traffic is going smoothly.

A few kids are wandering on the streets and the area looks deserted as usual. The disputed house and the hills of the fathers (Giv'at Ha'avot) - the CP is there but Palestinians are passing without problems. The Abraham's Cave - no detaineesinfo-icon.

Near the Pharmacy CP – we meet two young men from East Jerusalem that came to court in Hebron. The soldiers in the CP do not cause them problems. We meet also Ofer Ohana that came with a megaphone, escorted by Baruch Marzel and a gang of four youngsters. In one of the boy's pocket there's a small knife and he goes around the cars trying to stab the tires. The usual words and terrible words to I., our driver.

We're in the transit – going up to Tel Rumaida and they try to block our way. There are 4 cars around us and no police. They let us pass and we go up. From the car we see that the passage is as usual in the Tarpat CP and Tel Rumaida. No detainees. On our way back we see the transit of Hagit from "Peace Now". They are preparing a tour in Hebron for the coming Friday. Ofer is teasing them and the police ask Hagit to leave. In the parking lot of Abraham's Cave they try again to harm our tires. We try to ignore them and Ofer with his megaphone – shouting. Another day of violence.

One of the shop owners tells me that there's a big problem with water supply to his house on the Porcelain Hill (Giv'at Ha'harsina). He asks for our help trying to get water from the Border Police's camp. I'll try to help him.

That's it. Hebron is depressing as usual and Ofer is the essence of evil there as well as the presence of the kids who earn the adults' blessing.