Etzion DCL, Mon 1.10.07, Morning

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Road number 60, Beit Anun, Ezyon DCL


7:45-  Al Nashnash

At the entrance were 3 Hummers and four IDF jeeps. There were many soldiers.

Nashnash was empty- perhaps because of the holiday or maybe because the settlers were heading for the settlements. We entered Efrat looking for Itam hill; we had apparently passed it while passing by the entrance. The settlement is constantly growing. We went on to road number 60.  

8:30- Beit Anun 
The checkpoint that was opened about two weeks before, was now closed by large bricks. Only a small passage was left. There was a large flag on the roof the IDF observation post and some soldiers were there as well. They were looking at us with their binoculars. We met the owner of the house that is on the other side of the checkpoint and he told us this was the fifth time the soldiers occupied of his house. The last time the house was taken over he and his family were sent away from their home. This time  only the roof was occupied, he has no complaints, he said the soldiers behaved well. While we were speaking a Hummer and a jeep arrived at the checkpoint and the soldiers looked at us,  they suggested politely that we  take a walk in Wadi Kelt  (a well known Wadi that is popular for nature hikes) implying in a cynical manner that we leaveand really just to leave.

9:15- Nabi Unis

On the side of the road was a new row of bolders have been placed in order to prevent  drivers from parking on the side of the road. Two people came to us. At the exit from Sair was a Jeep and some soldiers. 

9;45- Ezyon DCL

Almost empty. One man asked us to help him get a medical permit which he probably didn't get on time because of the holiday. We tried to help him and are not sure we succeeded.