Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Shave Shomron, Mon 2.8.10, Morning

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Nina S., Frances T. (reporting)


06.30 Eliyahu crossing is empty and nobody is waiting.

06.40 We arrive at Habla.  The gate is opened 5 minutes later and there are the usual lines of people waiting.  One soldier checks documents and bags before the Palestinians go through the turnstile in groups of 5.  During the 12 minutes we wait, 15 people go through.

07.10 We go through ‘Azzun to Jayyus and to Falma (gate 927).  We are told by the sentries on duty that the gate is open from 05.15 to 17.15.

07.45 We then go to gage 943 which is open and told it will be open again at 12 noon and at 18:00 for 30 minutes each time.  We meet an interesting Palestinian on a tractor who speaks excellent English, having lived for a period in the U.S.

08.10 Shvut Ami – no presence on the hill though a few settlers’ posters remain.  Jit junction is open without any military presence.

08.20 Shavei Shomron.  The road to Jenin is still closed and under construction.  

We return the same way as we came, noticing that the house on the opposite side of the road to Shvut Ami has been painted blue (?)