'Azzun, Ar-Ras, Habla, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Jit, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 25.8.10, Afternoon

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Tami C., Miriam S. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.


14:45  Efrayim gate. 
We ask the soldier to open the gate to Jubara; he says he’s not authorized to do so.  Tami insists, and calls brigade headquarters.  After half an hour in the burning sun the gate opens.  (Tami recommends:  insist and contact her or the DCO).

 15:15  We drove through Jubarah, which was quiet, to the pupils’ gate and ar-Ras.  We could see construction in the distance at Kafr Sur.
We passed Kur, 
Shops in hajja are open and Al Funduq is very lively. 

We arrive in Jit and see with our own eyes that the road opposite to Sarra is open.  We decide to get a closer look.  Sarra is a large, established village with about 3000 inhabitants; four principal families. 
We drive up the road to a large grocery store; a few men seated at the entrance.  The barrier was removed two weeks ago with no advance notice.  The trip to Nablus, particularly for those coming from the west, is now significantly shorter.  The main problems in the village are unemployment, lengthy interruptions of water supply at least twice a week.  This is their first contact with MachsomWatch, and they express interest.


16:10  Azzun. 
A flying checkpoint manned by hostile reserve soldiers.  When we ask them why?  They reply that yesterday a soldier was almost killed at the entrance by rocks that were thrown.


16:20  Jayyus.  The agricultural gate is closed.


16:55  Habla.  About 25 workers from the plant nurseries wait in the shade of the buildings near the checkpoint.

 We talk with them about the problems, the fast, the exhausting routine of wasted time at the checkpoints.  A military vehicle arrives at 17:00 exactly.  It takes the soldiers 15 minutes to get set up and then they bring the people waiting in groups of five to the inspection building.  The crossing procedure goes quickly and smoothly, but nevertheless the people who’ve been fasting are already exhausted and need to rest.