Hizma, Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya, Mon 23.8.10, Afternoon

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Natanya G. and Phyllis W. (reporting)

15:25, Qalandiya:  There were not many people in the northern shed, entrance to the CP, and there was only a trickle of people arriving.  Inside the CP we saw that 3 passageways were operating.  Even so, it took us about 7 minutes just to get inside.  We saw that two men were waiting in passageway 5 to the DCO offices.  Someone was repairing the biometric device in the passageway, guarded by two soldiers and two civilian personnel.  As it was getting late (the DCO offices close at 4 PM), we phoned headquarters and asked to speak with the DCO representative.  Avital said she would try to connect us but never returned.  We called Keinan who promised to try and help although he wasn't at the CP.  He didn't succeed either.

15:50:  We called Avital at headquarters again and this time she transferred us to the DCO representative, Tauri, who said he would check.  Meanwhile, the man managed to fix the biometric device and those on line got through to the DCO.  At this point, Tauri came by and made our acquaintance.

16:00:  We went through the CP to the Jerusalem side.  There were long lines of people waiting for buses.  The school year at the universities starts on Thursday this week and we saw many students carrying piles of books.

There was a long line at the vehicle CP that extended far into the distance on the road to Ramallah.

16:15:  We returned to the Palestinian side of the CP.  The flow of pedestrians got stronger and stronger until all 3 passageways were full and there was a line of 60 waiting in the shed.  But then the turnstile opened and everyone went into the CP, which continued to work at its usual pace.

17:15:  Nothing much happened thereafter.  We left Qalandiya and returned to Jerusalem via Lil/Jabba and Hizmeh CPs.  Traffic was flowing at both.