'Azzun, Deir Sharaf, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 7.7.10, Morning

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Zehava G., Yael S. .

Natanya translating.

  Habla. 06.45
There is a movement towards opening the gate when a command car with soldiers arrives.
About 60 Palestinians are crowding around the gate and waiting for it to be opened.
A jeep with the DCO representative arrives. He goes quickly to those waiting and frees a group of 7 people. Another group of 6 are quickly questioned and checked by the soldiers and go to the Israeli side. When we ask they say that everything is fine.
06.52 The military policewoman says that she is ready for the people to go through and a group of 6 enter the building  to the Border police building. In the meantime we have a conversation with the DCO team and captain  T. They carry out a supervisory patrol at the gatesinfo-icon.  I brought up the problem of the Palestinians at the passages on Fridays. T. claimed that there are no complaints from them and on Friday there are fewer people  going to work. He says that if they make a complaint the gate will be opened earlier. We cut the conversation shorts because we wanted to get to Jayush while the agricultural gate was still open.

7.15 We went to the Eliyahu crossing  and looked towards gate 109 and saw that there were hardly any people there.

West Jayyus/Gate 943.

We entered Azzun and went under road 55 and up to road 574 as far as Jayyus. We did not go into the village but went on further. After some kilometers we went to the left to a well paved road which goes down to the gate.

The gate is open during the hours of 7.30 – 8.15. We got there at 7.55 and there were no people waiting. The soldiers said that about 20 people had gone through. From the time we got there one truck went through with no problem.

8.15 The gate closed.

8.30 We went back through Azzun to road 55.
Opposite the entrance to Azzun a military command car was parked.

In front of Karnei Shomron there is a step with a warning sign.

Shvut Ami is quiet. There is no camp of settlers opposite as there had been last year.

There is no sign of a checkpoint. The road to Jenin is still closed. We visited our friend Gamal who owns the grocery shop. We met his neighbor who owns the vegetable shop, Sami.  He asked our help with the problem of wild pigs. He said that each day at 19.30 they are under curfew because groups of 50-60 wild pigs surround the house. This bothers him and he is desperate.

.10.00 Jubara/Te'enim checkpoint
We asked for the gate to be opened. The new soldiers said that they had to get permission from the war room. After 20 minutes this was received but the soldier did not manage to open the gate, How do the Hatam family pass through?  The soldier said he was waiting for another key to be brought.

10.30 We leave without entering Jubara. It is very important that our friends to do leave this gate out and visit the area,.