Al Nashshash, Beit Ummar, Bethlehem, Nabi Yunis, Mon 28.6.10, Morning

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Chaya A, Drora P (reporting)

Rachel’s Crossing: long lines. Only two positions working – the others broken down. “They’ll come today to repair the computers.” However traffic is flowing and at 07:15 there were no lines outside.

We encountered alongside the road a number of military vehicles parked on the ground.

el-Hadar: the man who was to meet Chaya did not arrive, nor did he answer the phone.
The taxi rank at the entrance to el-Hadar road only serves passengers travelling south, in the direction of Hebron. There is no possibility of travelling to the left on this road. Northbound the route is under the Route 60 bridge. This stretch of road is under Israeli control, including maintenance – it’s unpaved, muddy in winter and dusty in summer.

no work and no pre-arrangements. We drive on.

Beit Omer: the taxi rank in the square is empty. We are told that the police visit very frequently and bother the drivers. So they find alternative places.

Nebi Yunes:
a number of people approach Chaya regarding the police, mostly clarifying the criteria that dictate the length of prevention of crossing into Israel.