'Anabta, Burin (Yitzhar), Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Huwwara, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Te'enim Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 10.6

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Karin L., Gila P. (reporting)

 Natanya translating

13.34 The agricultural gate of Habla (1393). 
We came late by 4 minutes. And as we had done so had the driver of a Palestinian truck who was refused entrance. “He only came 4 minutes late,” we said to the soldier at the gate. “Can’t you let him go through?” The answer of the soldier came immediately. “Even if he had come 3 seconds late I would not let him pass.” Can it be that from his voice arises joy in someone else’s calamity?
When we asked if the bus with the children had gone through he said he could not remember.
In the same fashion he replied when we asked if the bus went through each day. He did not know.
(Does the bus not go through because it is the long holiday?)  No he is not new here. “I hope you are not recording me. We know you.”
We went back to road 55. We did not try to get to the yellow gate which closes the road to Ras A-Tirah. The soldier at Habla knew to tell us that it was closed and that the DCO was seeing to it that  the farmers from Ras A-Tirah got to their lands by different paths.
14.00 The Eliyahu crossing. Little traffic.

At the crossroads of Zufin the Israeli police were present because of an accident.
At Azzun Atma an army Hummer  was present but the traffic was not limited.
Before  El-Funduq (after we had found that the shift of Yehudiet L. was going to Atara)  on road 5066 in the direction of Emanuel and Ariel.
15.00 The village of Haris.  We stopped in the village and bought items at the grocery shop and we wanted to go on to Kif'l Harat. Children signed to us not to go on. Young people turned to us once they had realized that we were Jews and said that we should not go as the shabab were making problems.
So we turned around and went on road 505.
The crossroad of Za'tara/Tapuach – the traffic is flowing.

15.40 Huwwara checkpoint.
Little traffic. Taxis leaving Nablus are checked quickly . There is no passage for Israeli trucks coming from Nablus. They are pointed in the direction it seems of Awarta.
Now and again soldiers checked the IDs of Israelis going into Nablus.
We went on road 60  to the north.
Opposite the entrance to Yitzhar – border police are making a thorough search of  a car from the area.
The driver and all the passengers are outside. It seems that it was a random check. When they are freed the police sign to another car to stop. A man (Palestinian?) sits on the ground apart from the passengers of the taxi. Even though we stopped for a long time we could not find out why he was detained and he would not answer our questions.

16.10 The checkpoint of Anabta. The traffic flows.

16.30 The crossing at Kafriat/Te'enim.  
Israeli cars going into the occupied areas are checked thoroughly.

16.40 Irtah/Efraim crossing.
It is the time of those returning home. Most of the workers greet us with pleasant faces, a turn of the hands, some in Hebrew, some in English. “Now it is OK. 
In the morning they drive us crazy,” one said. “Today was OK, the whole day has been ok,” said another.