'Anabta, Habla, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Shave Shomron, Mon 7.6.10, Morning

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Nina S., Shoshana Z., Ariela C. (reporting)

Translation:  Judith Green


6:50  Hablah Gate
The gate is closed.  From where we are standing, we see about 30 people waiting.

6:52  -the gate opens.  When the first 5 people came out ( after about 3 minutes), we asked them when they had arrived at the checkpoint and they all answered that they had arrived at 3AM, "in order to get a good place in line". 
A Bedouin woman (from Arab-armadin), who sat in a donkey cart and waited to go through the checkpoint, was sent back because she was taking "merchandise" through - a crate of onions.  After she removed the onions and left them at the side of the gate, she was allowed to go through without her "merchandise".  Our translator said that she would return in the evening and try to go through with them.  Nina spoke with the checkpoint commander, who said that he didn't allow her to go through with her "merchandise" since she didn't co-ordinate it previously (?).  In the quarter hour after the opening of the gate, 25 people had gone through.

7:20 - A bus with children arrived at the entrance, going to  Ras a-Tirah. The driver explained that today was the last day in the school year.  The older children (those with IDs) get off the bus and are sent for inspection of their documents, as is the driver.

7:30 - Up until now, 50-60 people have passed through.  We checked the average time of about 1/5 of the people:  2.5 minutes.  A Palestinian with a donkey cart in which were 2 jugs of sheep's milk from his flock which he grazes on the Israeli side of the gate, who had been waiting about about 3/4 hour in order to enter the village, says, after his daily harassment, "Now we will vote for Nasrallah."

-  8:17 the gate closes.  Another soldier begins to lock the gate when another young man arrives who wants to enter the village again.  The soldiers did not agree and shut the gate in his face. 8:30Ephraim Gate/Irtah. - no one there. At the village of Izbat at Tabib we saw a garbage truck collecting trash.  This was the first time for me.  The entrance from Izbat at Tabib to Azzun is open.
9:00 - the checkpoint at Shavei Shomron is still closed.  Work is being done on the road. 9:30 - Checkpoint at Anabta is open. 

9:35 - They are paving the road between Einav and Avnei Hefetz, for the convenience of 2 settlements, while the parallel route between Upper and Lower Shufa is closed.