'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Qalqiliya, Mon 25.10.10, Morning

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Rony S., Nina S. (reporting); Natanya translating

6.30 Habla. No soldiers and the gate of course is shut.

6.40 The soldiers arrive. The gate is quickly opened and the passage is quick and efficient.20 passed through in 9 minutes. The soldiers apologized for the delay. This was because they had had to open more gatesinfo-icon than usual.

7.30  Eliyahu gate. Few people. 2 women who go through to bring food to their family who are harvesting olives. The family (it seems) are in a donkey cart, an elderly couple and two young men. The tractor  returns from the Israel side of the fence in the direction of the village. And round about the patrols are having a good time.

We went on to the village of Jemal and stopped at the grocery. We were sat down and given coffee and asked questions.  According to what we heard people who had last year been given permits to harvest on the Israeli side of the fence (including the owner of the shop) have been prevented from doing so this year. In his family where there is no father only the mother has been allowed to go out to the harvest. None of the other brothers got permits. This is compatible with the information which we received at Mishah and other villages.

The way out of the harvest is through the gate at Falmiah  and this often means a long journey around because the northern gate near to Jamal is closed. Another complaint was that if they go through Palmiah to the harvest to areas which are very much to the north they are punished because they are supposed to go through  another gate more to the north which is and far from the village. This means that the permit is only for one gate and there are people who have lands in different areas. So even the people who have permits to pass have problems.

On our way back we went into the the toy park  at Azzun. The place is deserted and dirty even though the plants have been watered and there is some sort of care for it.