Bethlehem - CP300, Highway 60, Hussan, Beit Ummar, Nabi Yunis, Etzion DCL

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Maya B., Ada G. (reporting)

07:00 am, Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300:   four counters were open and there were no people waiting. Today the passage was speedy and efficient. 

7:30 am. Hussan 

8:00 am, Beit Ummar

8:30 am, Nabi Yunas: one person arrived to get his vouchers from us.

09:30 am, Etzion DCL:   the waiting hall was packed. A hundred people were on the waiting list, most of them waiting to receive their magnetic card, and about 10 persons waiting for the police authority. As usual, the policeman was "unaware" of the situation. Our phone call warranted his attendance and ten minutes later some people were called in. The others waited patiently. One of the Palestinians told us that this was the normal process: not everyone will be called in today and some of the men will have to come again tomorrow.