Bethlehem, Nabi Yunis, Tue 21.9.10, Morning

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D, R (both reporting)

6:40 am, Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300: three checking stations open.  About 8 to 10 people in eachline.  The people come through very quickly.  People say it is a so,so day.  Has been better and has been worse.  Someone's entrance passis questioned.  Immediately the DCL representative enters to takecare of it.  He decides this person must return to the DCL for a newpass.  Then for some minutes no one enters.  After five minutes thereis a flow of people.  Now many women are entering which causes us tobelieve that at last the Humanitarian line has been opened.  One womansays it took her 20 minutes from beginning to end.  This evening therewill be a closureinfo-icon until the end of Succot.


8:20 am, Nabi Yunis : no one approaches us for help