Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Tue 21.9.10, Morning

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Ronny S, Miriam S(reporting) Translator: Charles K.


06:40  The Eliyahu gate is empty.


06:45  Habla.  Two buses at the crossing.  The first is turned back because its permit doesn’t specify this checkpoint.  The second goes through.  Some calls to the DCO, and at 07:20 the first also goes through, but not before two mothers who wanted a ride have to get off.  In the background, laborers who are angry at the delays are being “educated.”


Photo:  Means of transportation


Photo:  “Education”


Photo:  The Holy Trinity:  A driver, a believer and an officer


07:50  A group of Bedouin pupils arrives on foot as we are leaving; we make sure they get through safely.


08:00  The Eliyahu crossing is empty.


08:15  On our way to Jayyous north we meet John, one of the ecumenicals, who complains about misleading information regarding the time the gate opens – it’s already closed.


08:25  Jayyous south.  Stella, one of the ecumenicals, complains of a delay opening the gate.  We drive there.  They also complain about misleading information regarding the opening times.  There are two shepherds and their flocks, and three farmers.  A few minutes later the army vehicle arrives, and after a few minutes getting organized the people cross.  A talk with Stella reveals a bleak picture – 80 applications submitted for the olive harvest, in the hope that twenty will be approved.  She says the number of approvals declines every year.  Maybe, before October, it’s worth contacting the DCOs systematically to investigate what’s happening?