Tayasir, Tue 2.11.10, Afternoon

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Rachel H., Revital S.

 Translation: Yael B

16:20 - BezeK checkpoint
Inspectors are busy inspecting a vehicle with a pointed gun and we walk through without anyone's notice.
16:35- We've unloaded an order of kitchenware in a tenet that had lost its donkeys to the bored youth of Maskiot.
The security road around the settlement is being developed.
Once again soldiers are scattered in the area, but today they are better assimilated - the black tents now are real Bedouin's tents. The sand dike along the West side of the Alon highway leading to Hamara has grown significantly higher.

16:50 The squareconcrete blocks scattered on the road by the Hamara checkpoint werepainted  bright yellow. "So that we can be seen" said a surprising friendly soldier who also wanted to know why we oppose roadblocks/checkpoints/ He was one of five soldiers two of whom were perhaps from the DCO, two female soldiers and perhaps one military police person.
The white vehicle that inspect bags has returned to its place. The shading that was blown off at the short winter storm prior to the return of the heat days, was returned as well.
We haven't notice other significant changes in the scenery.

Traffic was relatively lively on both directions (seven private cars, two pickup trucks, four trucks' one Jeep and a tractor) also there was one rented car with a yellow license plate whose driver was looking for Beit Shean. All soldier except for one, the poor guy stock inside the Pillbox, came to offer assistance.
17:20-  Whoever was on site had cross over without delays and we went on.
17:50- Only one private car, a truck, three women , two infants and a driver bothered the four soldier's siesta at the Tyasir checkpoint. We wonder when someone would take the initiative of greasing the 'singing' door of the toilets on site .18:00 - vacancy. we left.