Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Sun 21.11.10, Morning

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Zipi G., Yael Z. (reports)


At 6.40 there are still a lot of vehicles on the Israeli side, awaiting the last workers going through the check. There is still a long queue of unchecked workers on the Palestinian side but the process seems smooth and quick.

Five buses of prisoners' families await their checking.

Route 60

All the side blocks are open, lots of cars drive along the road and many children walk towards their schools.


The city looks quiet and peaceful. Two CPT volunteers at the Pharmacy C.P are busy counting the last pupils going through. They report of less manual checking lately.

Tel Rumaida: The soldiers detain people on their way down the road but they seem to only question them and then, let go.

Route 60 North

Shayuokh–Sair checkpoint: empty.

Route 35

Two soldiers observe the city from the closed Humanitarian CP. The way towards I'dna is almost empty. We stop to buy some olive oil in Idna and find that the pressing process is over.

Tarqumiya: Many tracks still await their checking, the workers have already walked through..