'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 14.11.10, Afternoon

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Yocheved and Hannah

14.55 - 17.00

A'anin CP, 14.55 - The CP is still closed. It opens at 15.00 on the dot. About thirty people and five loaded tractors enter the CP in perfect order. One of those who have to go through monitors the queue.

Two residents, one of them has already spoken to me about this in the past, tell us that because their trees are close to the security fence, they still haven't received permits to pick olives in those plots. At the time, I spoke to the DCO about this and last week Abbas notified me happily that everybody who asked for a permit, received one, including those who needed permits for groves near the fence. That means that somebody is listening to our requests, even smiling - but nothing is being done.


Shaked CP  15.40- The traffic in the CP is livelier than usual. The atmosphere of holiday eve is palpable. People -- women with little children, young men - with loaded bags are returning in cars from the West Bank to the seamline zone. People from the seamline zone are going through to Jenin. The passage in both directions is quick.

Reihan CP - 16.10- There are very many people here, among them many young people, who arrive at the CP in rides from their places of work, mostly from Israel. Some of them left through the Gate of Ephraim (Taibe) this morning. "There, it's war every day," [they say]. Some of the people are returning for the holiday after having spent a longer time in Israel. All of them have packages for the holiday. Tomorrow the Holiday of the Sacrifice ['Id el-Adha] begins, and it lasts for four days, but the CP will be open as usual.

16.20 - One of the turnstiles in the terminal is out of order and because of the crowd returning, people with magnetic cards were sent to go through the vehicle CP. That was quick efficient passage. In the terminal itself, about sixty people with packages are crowding around the turnstile. Two windows are in operation and Sharon (the manager of the CP) is supervising the work.

16.30 - The crowds are gone. Everybody who arrives now enters the terminal immediately. In the meantime, the second turnstile has also been repaired and alll those going through to the West Bank are directed to the terminal. Sharon is there all the