Ma'ale Efrayim, Tayasir, Tue 23.11.10, Morning

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Hanna A., Nora R., (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

The hills in the valley are dry and parched from lack of rain and the few flocks that we saw are searching for a little vegetation to eat.  On the other hand, there are green fields and hothouses belonging to the settlers in the moshavim.  It appears that there is constant expansion of the agricultural fields.  The houses in the settlement of Maskiot have already had plaster applied to them but there is no equipment on the roads.  The checkpoints are still functioning and A, a strict police sergeant, attempted to make us leave the checkpoint claiming that it was a closed military zone.

10:30 – We was that the exit to Akraba on route 55 was marked with a sign and open.  It appears that the Palestinian Authority is taking matters into its own hands since the Civilian Authority is not doing its job.

11.3011:30 – Maaleh Ephraim – The checkpoint is unmanned.  We stopped at the packing house that is also the exit point for agricultural produce from Naama.  There is no activity which is perhaps due to the farmer's strike.  On both sides of the road we see agricultural fields and hothouses that belong to Mechora, Roi, and Gitit, the Jordan valley settlements. 

12:00 – Hamra Checkpoint – Five cars are waiting in line for the shift to change.  A taxi driver tells us that there is a lot of evil in people's hearts and that is why there is no rain.

We also see two illegals who are being detained.  One of them asks about Dafna.  The soldier promises they will be released soon.

Tayasir Checkpoint - We meet two other women from Machsom Watch who have arrived from the north – Rachele L and Revital S.l13:25 –A bus with school children goes by and they wave to us.  There is the usual routine of pedestrians leaving their cars and going in when soldiers call them to come, and then going out the other side after being checked.

At 15:00 we waited at the Guchia Checkpoint and the jeep appeared to open the checkpoint on time, but there was no traffic.