Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tue 23.11.10, Morning

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Tamar G., Michal Z. (reporting)

.Translation: Bracha B.A.

Meitar Crossing

We decided to spend more time here at the crossing because of yesterday's difficult events (see report of November 22nd).  When we arrived at 06:45 the workers had already crossed over and there were no prisoners' families. The people who remained were mostly merchants and reported that there had been no problems. Workers came up to us from everywhere who were not allowed to enter Israel and asked for our help. They all push and talk together. It is clear that people have no one to turn to and are left at the mercy of the General Security Forces, the army, and their various offshoots.

Route 60

Nothing exceptional occurred until the last kilometer before Shama. There we were stopped by a group of reservists who inspected us and asked where we were heading. We crossed through and found a temporary roadblock at the Dura Elfawwar Junction at the entrance to Dura. Soldiers were checking cars and pedestrians.  When we returned they had left and returned to the pillbox. At the Sheep Junction soldiers were also standing at the market on the way but were no longer there when we returned. But on our way back we encountered a temporary roadblock at Dahariya. The balloon is always floating in the sky.


A signpost of the road construction company stands at the entrance to the city. The elaborate new entrance will be called "The Sons' Entrance to the City of our Forefathers."

Everything in the city is routine. There are a lot of soldiers along the Worshipper's Road. Soldiers at the Pharmacy Junction ask if we are waiting for someone. They didn't bother us, but are checking almost everyone even as they have a magnometer. It is quiet at the Cave of the Patriarchs and the stores are closed. We have evidently missed a visit by Gomeh Agiar. There are not enough crazy people there already.