Habla, Huwwara, Wed 3.11.10, Afternoon

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Sarah F. Hanna K. (reporting)

Natanya translating.

15.20 Huwwara checkpoint.

A long line of cars stretching from the direction of Nablus. From the post of the soldiers which was far from the direction of Nablus a soldier came towards us because the flashing of the camerainfo-icon may have warned him. He asked who we were and we showed him the tag.      He had not heard of Machsomwatch  ( the briefing which he had received had evidently omitted the detail about some of the enemy groups in the area). He asked with surprise. “Are you against the checkpoints?”  We said, “Yes. Why should there be a checkpoint here?’ “If there are only checkpoints on the green line we will have to upturn all the cars. Here at the checkpoint we only check a few. An original thiking.The line of cars soon went through.

16.45 Habla

 The checkpoint opened at 16.50  and those waiting went through to their homes while from time to time more workers arriving in the cars of their employers joined them. And on our way there olive trees were burning at various places. The Palestinian fire brigade was there and also Israeli police passed us.

“Fire, fire on each hill. Who rejoices with a thrill? Maybe it is a settler?”