'Anabta, Beit Iba, Deir Sharaf, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Jubara (Kafriat), Shave Shomron, Tue 19.10.10, Morning

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Nurit L., Dalya and Natalie K. (reporting) Translator: Charles K



06:40  Habla

40 people waiting on line.  They’re inspected in groups of five.  The Palestinians are restless, quarreling, and the Palestinian steward has trouble keeping order.  Two reservists are at the checkpoint.  The bus taking children to school arrives at 06:50.  The driver gets out to be inspected.  They tell him that the children must also get off to be inspected.  Nurit calls the DCO to complain.  She’s told that the children don’t have to get off to be inspected, and the soldiers will be informed of this.  Another bus arrives, and the story is repeated.  The older girls get off to be inspected.  An additional group of soldiers comes to the checkpoint because of the confusion that has been created.  There’s a female MP among them who calms down the Palestinians.  The bus with the children is still waiting and Nurit again calls the DCO who promises to be at the checkpoint tomorrow because the reservists don’t know the rules.  Fifteen minutes later the buses go through without the children having been inspected.  We should note that the drivers and the buses go through the checkpoint every morning – always the same children and the same drivers.


07:35  Eliyahu gate

.There are 20 laborers standing on line


08:00  Jit junction

An army jeep stationed at the junction.  Two soldiers stand outside.


08:30  Deir Sharaf

We sat in the café next to Jamal’s grocery story and the locals told us what they need: help picking olives on the 25-27 of October in the village’s fields on the other side of the fence next to Shavey Shomron.

(The olive harvest coalition should be contacted.)  In addition, the wild boars that were brought to the wadi near the village cause damage and frighten the residents.

Even at 7 in the morning you can find children sheltering in cars in fear of the boars which are still wandering around – according to Sami, and requests help from the Israeli agricultural authorities.

There’s a similar problem at Kifl Hars.


We continued to Beit Iba to see where the checkpoint once stood.  Only the concrete cubes remain.


09:00  Shavey Shomron

The checkpoint is empty.  Two jeeps parked facing each other.


09:10  Anabta

The checkpoint is empty, no soldiers, except in the guard tower.


09:20  Jubara

The soldiers ask for our ID cards.


09:25  Irtach