'Anabta, 'Azzun, Habla, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Jubara (Kafriat), Tue 23.11.10, Afternoon

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Karin L., Mirwat A. – a guest and new member, Riva B., reporting




Agricultural Gate Habla – reserve soldiers. Quite relaxed. So is also the stream of people who pass at this hours. At 13:55 a children's bus passes (a very perfunctory check), the soldiers, answering my question, said that the opening hours of the gate are: 06:30-08:15, 13:00-14:15, 16:45-18:00


14:15 Observation in the direction of Ras Atiya and Ras Atira and especially in the direction of the fences and  barbed wire batteries which surround the road of the defence system, guarding Alfey Menashe. There is nothing new…



Azoun on the way to Giyus and the agrigultural gate Palmiya



Palmiya Agricultural Gate while we were there one tractor passed




Beit Jamal, Kafr Sur and Beit Lyd: village which remind us how the Palestinian communities looked before the settlements were set up,  and with them the fences, the barbed wire and the army…All this on the way to Anabta.



Anabta CP the watch tower is manned but the cars pass to Tul Karem and beyond without hindrance.




Jabara Passage (Te'enim) – a very exacting passage (we were required by the soldiers to present identity cards)



Irtah Edge CP (Taybe, Sha'ar Ephraim) there are no people waiting to leave. Many people passing on their way home. The passage flows. Actually nobody presents papers.


Life under Military rule is depressing but lately is concealed even from the very alert eyes of the Machsom Watch members, so the report too is concealed from the eyes but not from the hearts.