Eliyahu Crossing, Eyal Crossing, Habla, Mon 22.11.10, Morning

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Nina S., Frances T. (reporting)

06:30 We arrive at Habla to find the gate closed.  After checking with the DCO, we are told that it is due to open at 06:45.  At 06:40 a Hummer arrives with 5 soldiers who open the gatesinfo-icon.  The waiting Palestinians go through in groups of 5 – about 4 minutes per group.  3 horses + carts also go through.  2 school buses arrive and after a 10 minute wait and checks with the drivers, they go through in the opposite direction.
07:30 Eliyahu crossing

08:00  Felamiyeh

A couple of agricultural vehicles are waiting to go through and pass.
09:20 We try to go through Zofit to Eyal checkpost, however the soldier guarding refuses to let us through and we are forced to go all the way around
On arrival at Eyal crossing, we see the new kiosk and are told this will shortly be functioning.  A new set of taps for drinking water/hand washing is already in operation.  
A group of Palestinian women from Nablus exit the facility.  They are going on a trip to the North of Israel on a bus with their children