Tunnels Checkpoint, Route 60, Nabi Yunis, 18.10.2010 am

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Hanna B., Ada G. (reporting). Shraga G. (driving)

Tunnels Checkpoint, Route 60, Nabi Yunas, 18.10.2010 am


08:15 am, Tunnels Checkpoint: a Jerusalem taxi was waiting for us with a child suffering from cancer, accompanied by two adults, on their way to Augusta Victoria Hospital for radiation treatment. The man had phoned me before I left home to say that he has already been held up for half an hour. The car is standing in the sun, not allowed in the shade and kept to an unreasonable distance from the checkpoint, even though he had been through the checkpoint with patients many times.


With Hanna's help and a few adamant phone calls to the appropriate people, they continued on to the hospital after another forty minutes. The behaviour of the Border Police was embarrassing and beyond comprehension. The soldier at the checkpoint said that the patient would only pass this checkpoint with prior coordination with DCO Hebron. We need to check whether this is a new regulation. The driver asked to talk to an officer. A soldier, named Dvir Samhi, 76756329, answered that he is the checkpoint commander. His comrade, Sgt. Maj. Itamar Elus, 1154384, explained to us that the child’s state is not critical because he had not come in an ambulance. Only patients in ambulances would be passed by him at this checkpoint. Another soldier suggested that they pass at Checkpoint 300. When I explained to him that an Israeli in his car cannot pass there, he did not believe me until his partner confirmed it. But for Hanna's help, they would not have crossed today. The driver asked me to clarify the exact regulation because on Wednesday he has to take the child to hospital again. A good hearted man. My private, one and only, Shraga.


08:40 am, Beit Ummar


09:15 am, Nabi Yunis:  at both stops we dealt with people who came to ask our help.