Petah Tikva - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Remand Extension

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Noa Rosen (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

Judge: Itai Regev

Hearings on remand extensions of 13 detaineesinfo-icon took place, 4 of whom were barred from conferring with their lawyers. I was unable to hear some of the cases.

Lui Ibrahim Mustafa

In detention for 14 days. Since his last remand hearing, 8 days ago, he has not been interrogated, nor seen any interrogator.
His attorney, Mahjana, reports that there is no progress in the investigation, he has not been confronted with any other detainee, and no evidence has been brought forth.
He asks that the detainee be released.
The detainee reports that he has been kept solitary all this time and he feels abandoned.
Judge: I extended his remand until today, noting that further investigation is needed, and further action, which I included in the confidential report. Most of it has been carried out.The judge refers the investigation team to his remark of the previous remand extension. He deems the action taken last week as helpful to the investigation.
Ruling: remand extended by 8 days. 

Mujahad Adam Ashkar
Since his arrest (18.2?) until 2 days ago he was barred from seeing his attorney. This is his first meeting with an attorney.
He is an engineering student, 20 years old, with no criminal or security record.
Attorney Aabed: The suspect claims that he has been subjected to various methods of investigation, including by “police plants.” He was made to sit for hours and days on end.
Apart from Dr. Haled, a third man (whose name I could not catch) was involved in the investigation.
All three gave similar statements: the suspect and the third man came to
Dr Haled’s house to fix his computer. Otherwise, the suspect had no connection to Haled. He denies any ties with Kutla-Al Islamiya organization. The other suspects are in custody, their investigation has been concluded and their files have been transferred to the Military Prosecution. Since there has been no progress for such a long time, the defense requests to put a stop to the investigation and to release the suspect forthwith. Short of that, the defense wishes to denounce the investigation and to impose only the minimum remand extension (24-48 hours) on the defendant.
The judge states that there is ground to assume that the defendant is  in fact responsible for the alleged charges. 

Muhammad Said Ibrahim
The suspect has been in custody for 24 days. He is suspected of producing and possessing explosives. His last remand hearing was on 19.2.08, and since then his investigation has progressed apace.
He has pleaded guilty to the charges. For the last 15 days, he has not been interrogated and has not seen any investigator. He has been cooperating with investigators and even led them to the cache of explosive charges.
The judge’s decision: remand extension for 15 days. 

Three detainees:
Lafi Walid Benifadel, Muhammad Jamal Hatar and Fadel Muhammad Khokh
After a short conference with the detainees, their attorneys agree to the remand extension proposed by the prosecutions.
Without further discussion they are remanded in custody for another 15 days.

Alwa Rasmy Arafat
Arrested at the checkpoint on his way from Ramalla seven days ago. Right away, he was brought to an interrogation facility, but was interrogated only twice, for 3 hours each time. His investigation is not intensive; there are no specific allegations, he was not confronted with incriminating evidence or people.
According to his attorney, the investigation is slow and sluggish.  He moves to extend the remand by only 8 days.
Judge: Convinced that pursuing the investigation will throw light on all the charges leveled at this suspect; the remand period cannot be shortened.
Judge’s conclusion: Remand extension for 15 days. 

Shadi Samir Sharaf
Attorney Mahajna has no objection to extending the remand for 16 days. He reports that the suspect suffers from skin allergies and toothache. He was given a temporary filling but needs further treatment. In the previous hearing the judge ordered that he be seen by doctor (for the allergy), but the doctor only took his blood pressure.
The judge orders to take him to a doctor as soon as possible, give him proper treatment and follow up. The defendant is to inform his attorney if other problems arise. 

Amir Samir Musak
Suspected of collaborating with the perpetrators of the attack in Dimona.
He has been in jail for a month, barred from seeing his attorney for 20 days.
The suspect denies all the allegations. He is a student at the Open University in Hebron and in the evening works at International Royal Company which has a plant in Hebron. The Dimona terrorists worked at the same plant, but the defendant has no connection with them and is not their friend. The investigation focuses on this aspect alone and has not progressed.
The defendant has been subjected to three lie detector tests. The investigators hope that this will help their investigation, which is at an impasse.
The defense argues that even if these results will be admissible in court, this does not warrant remand extension. He moves to release the detainee forthwith and unconditionally, or alternately, impose minimal extension.
If he will not be released, he will loose both the semester and his work.
The judge’s decision: Complete the investigation, which is possible only with the defendant in custody.
Remand extension for 8 days. 

A suspect (whose name I did not get) was arrested a few days ago and his investigation has just begun. Yesterday there was significant progress.
The attorney moves to extend by “only” 8 days.
The judge agrees, although not all the necessary investigative steps may be completed in this time period.