Habla, Jayous, Kafr Jamal

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Karin L. (reporting), Guests: Susan L., A. and K., Charles K. (Translator)


12:45 Habla checkpoint.

We went into one of the plant nurseries to hear what its owner had to say and listen to him tell us of his desire for peace and to make a better future for his children

13:15  The second bus returning pupils to the Bedouin village located on the road to Alfei Menashe goes through.  All kinds of vehicles – mostly donkey carts – and some pedestrians on line at the entrance.  The soldier makes sure they enter in the order they arrived, and yells at a man carrying a heavy load who set it too near the gate.

People enter and leave without great delays.

14:00   We see the new fence and the gate that’s always locked at the entrance to Ras Atira.

We drive through Azzun and under Route 55 to Jayous.  We enter the village briefly, but since the southern gate isn’t open at this hour we leave again and continue to the northern gate, reaching the Flamya gate on the track along the separation fence.  Very light traffic.

We continue on the dirt road, pass Flamya, and after driving through vineyards reach Kafr Jamal. Then through A-Ras and Hajja to Al Funduq.  We decide not to drive east but to reach Eyal via the Zufin checkpoint as we did in the past.  People gathered at the Zufin junction because of an accident.

16:00  This time the MP didn’t allow us to cross and we weren’t able to change her mind.

We returned.  Traffic flows freely at the Qalqilya checkpoint.

No delays leaving through the Eliyahu gate.