Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Women

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Ada Heilbronn

Translation: L.W.

Judge:   Major Itai Regev

Defense attorneys: Advc. Muhamad Aabed, Advc. Nizar Mahajne

Prosecutor: Atef Awida

Hearings began at 09:57: 15 suspects, of whom 4 prohibited (from meeting a lawyer),

and 1 woman.

Most hearings lasted between one and a half and two minutes.

1. Dr. (Jurisprudence) Ghassan Sharif Haled, ID 929191302, from Nablus.

(The detainee appears broken and depressed. He is also dressed in dirty clothes.)

His trial was attended by members of international peace organizations and Israelis from the Committee Against Torture.

The investigator, after asking who they are and to what they belong, ordered them - after they were already seated - to move two rows back. (since I am already "a regular", they let me stay in my place in the second row.)

Advc. Aabed contends that the detaineesinfo-icon are not interrogated frequently and are needlessly held in remand. In addition, the suspect was prohibited from meeting a lawyer since 4.2.08.

According to the defense, the detainee was interrogated for several days 21 hours a day, while chained hand and foot to a stool, and after nine days was required to submit to a polygraph, after which the investigators told him that he had failed to tell the truth on every question.

After that he was transferred to Megiddo Prison and put in a cell with provocateurs, but he taught them Koran and other things. Then he was told that he had incriminated another suspect, which he denies vehemently as a lie that the investigators attribute to him in order to "construct" a file against him in whatever way possible.

In debate with the investigator, both he and the judge contended that "even if there is an indictment, they can reopen the investigation."

Decision: extension of remand by another 8 days.

2. Ahlam Suleiman Awad Johar, passport # 878402 (Jordanian), arrested on 23.1.08, since then and for 21 days prohibited from meeting a lawyer. She is a Jordanian citizen, resident in Nablus. Her family of origin lives in Nablus, and she joined them. She worked as a secretary in a foundation working on behalf of prisoners, and was arrested from suspicion of association with a hostile organization. It was decided to move her to a detention centre more comfortable for women, as yet it is not known which centre, but her guards were already waiting outside.

Advc. Aabed asked the judge to let him talk to her, as since the period of prohibition had elapsed, he had not succeeded in coordinating a time for a meeting with the detention centre. The judge allowed him to talk with her outside, but since her guards were waiting, he stopped the hearing and their conversation took place in the courtroom.

Decision: extended remand by 16 days as the prosecution requested.

The list of suspects and the rulings:

3. Muhammad Mahmoud Afana Abu Hanish, ID 850009275, Beit Dajan, arrested 31.1.08, represented by Advc. Aabed.

Extension 8 days.

4. Morad Mahmoud Ahmad Zeidan, ID 938009867, Anabta, arrested 17.1.08, represented by Advc. Mahajna.

Extension 16 days.

5. Prohibited (from meeting an attorney) Rafat Yussuf Salim Awad, ID 853073187, Awarta, arrested 8.2.08, represented by Advc. Aabed. In the name of Aldamir.

Extension 8 days.

6. Prohibited Iyad Tif Ahmad Abu Alrub, ID 944096528, Jenin, Balata, arrested 7.2.08, represented by Advc. Mahajna.

Extension 15 days.

7. Salem Muhamad Sami Samoudi, ID 850497215, Jenin, arrested 9.2.08, represented by Advc. Mahajna, who requested that a doctor examines his leg, injured by shrapnel (?) But the judge contended that when the detainee was arrested he was examined by a doctor and did not complain about medical problems (the examination report was not in the investigation file), and ordered an examination by a doctor.

Extension 8 days.

8. Alaa Bilal Munib Hamuda, ID 946111697, Nablus, arrested 7.1.08. Advc. Aabed, in the name of the detainee, agreed to the request.

Extension 16 days.

9. Iyad Adel Mustafa Reahi, ID 850734120, Balata Refugee Camp, arrested 24.1.08, represented by Advc. Mahajna. Here too the request for extension is accepted.

Extension 16 days.

(Question to Advc. Aabed: why is he in sandals without socks - on a cold and very rainy winter day. Answer: maybe he chose to be without socks.)

10. Anes Hani Ramadan Ayid, ID 851952476, Nablus, arrested 28.1.08.

Advc. Aabed, in the name of the accused, agrees to the request. 

Extension 16 days.

11. Yussuf Atiyah Nimer Hanun, ID 853367738, Balata Refugee Camp, arrested 18.1.08. Advc. Aabed, in the name of the accused agreed to the request. 

Extension 16 days.

12. Jamal Radad Mustafa Radad, ID 936540582, Zifaa, arrested 16.1.08.

Advc. Mahajna in the name of the accused agreed to the request. 

Extension 16 days.

13. Ahmad Saker Ibrahim Salim, ID 921709960, Azun, represented by Advc. Mahajna. Arrested by chance on 22.1.08, at a checkpoint without being "wanted." He was already remanded and released on 1.10.07 in an agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, and since then has worked as a policeman in the Authority, and has done nothing against the law or against Israel.

14. Prohibited (from meeting an attorney): Amir Samir Iyad Missak, ID 850480898, Hebron, arrested 7.2.08, represented by Advc. Mahajna.

Extension 15 days.

15. Prohibited (from meeting an attorney): Ibrahim Said Ibrahim Salem, ID 946110046, Nablus, arrested 15.1.08, received one more day prohibition, and eight days extension.