Ma'ale Efrayim, Tayasir, Fri 11.2.11, Afternoon

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Ruti R., Natalie k. (reporting)

12:50 - Ma'ale Ephraim checkpoint

The place appears vacant. There are no soldiers on site.

13:15 - Hamara checkpoint

There is no line. Seven soldiers on duty and while we were there two others came to visit them (The officer asked us if everything was ok). All is well and they continue in their Jeep Southwards

We notice that vehicles going in the direction of Nablus (West Bank) are not inspected. The drivers just wait for the infamous hand waive and then proceed in the right lane, and are not delayed.

On the other hand  - all those coming out of Nablus are being inspected strictly. Passengers are required to get off the vehicles and to go under inspection one by one. The vehicles   are  strictly inspected, the trunk is open and so are all doors.

A family with small children arrived, entered the inspection cabin and came out after 5-8 minutes. Many cabs arrive, passengers get off and the cabs return in the direction of Nablus without going through the checkpoint.

14:30 - Tayasir checkpoint

The site is quiet. 4 soldiers manned the post. We waited a few minutes before the first  car cam along. While we were there,there were two cars and 2 cabs. In contrast to Hamara, here they check papers of people who cross over from the Jordan Valley in the direction of Nablus. We left at 14:45

15:15 - Hamara checkpoint

 Many pedestrians, whole families, are waiting. They get off taxis that return North, the family appear returning home from a day at the big city.

2 Trucks and 2 cars wait in line to leave Nablus, again there are drivers who just wait for the soldier's hand gesture to move on without inspection,towards Nablus.

15:40 - Ma'ale Ephraim checkpoint

 At this time there are three soldiers at the checkpoint; we do not observe traffic delays..