Visiting Kafr ad Dik and Hawwara, Tuesday. March 1, 2011

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Daliya G., Dvorka O., Brurya R. (reporting) Translation: Galia S



Kafr ad Dik


On our visit to the village council we hear that nothing has changed, unfortunately. The sewage keeps flowing into the village and very soon they will get, in addition, the sewage from the new neighborhood of Alei Zahav that is under construction now. It will flow straight into the olive groves of the village. The construction involves blowing up rocks, carried out also at night, which disturbs the sleep. We met with the women of the community center and decided to meet again in two weeks' time. We pay a visit to the village clinic and talk to a dermatologist who tells us that there are a lot of psychosomatic skin diseases as a result of the intense pressure the people are under: the pressure of the occupation, being unable to move freely, the difficulties in earning their living and more.


The burnt house in Hawwarwa


The house was set on fire last night by perpetrators from Yits'har, in what they call a price tag operation. From the owner of the house we heard the following story:


At 20:30 last night, the family was sitting in the living room when suddenly the windows in the children's room were smashed with stones and Molotov cocktails were thrown inside. Soon a fire broke out but the owner succeeded in putting the fire out without help. Fortunately, they were no casualties. We saw the small children whose room burned down. We went into the house and saw the destruction, the burnt beds and mattresses and the soot that covered everything. One can imagine what could have happened if the children had been sleeping in their beds when it all happened.


The Palestinian and the Israeli Police as well as the army visited the place, heard testimonies and took items left by the perpetrators.


Foreign television networks photographers were in the place while we were there. Al-Jazeera journalists had been the earlier.