Bethlehem, Tue 29.3.11, Morning

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D, R (both reporting)


Bethlehem – Checkpoint 300, 6:40 am:a very frustrating and depressing morning.  Only three soldiers were actively checking. There is a fourth soldier who is saying her morning prayers!!  We go up to her, we tell the guards, but to no avail. The lines are not particularly long, but people say there are many people still waiting. The usual method occurs. The lines dry up, and then there is a flood of people, so many we cannot see the end of the three lines. 

There are many complaints about A, the humanitarian soldier. It seems that he does not let the regular line operate, while letting women, etc. through the special line. People waited three hours to pass. One man said if he is given a permit to pass, he should be allowed to pass in a decent manner, not to have to wait an exaggerated time.

I can only agree with him.