Habla, Jayyus 28.04.11afternoon

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Macky S., Yael S. (reporting)


Translation:  Suzanne O.


Agricultural Gate Habla No. 1393


The gatesinfo-icon are open.  There are soldiers on alert at the gate.

Some 10 people. and a donkey and cart driven by a boy, queue on the Israeli side.

Everyone is waiting for the computer to start to work.

The crossing starts towards Habla only.  The crossing built for pedestrians is not being used today.  Today even 00 permits (crossing without inspection) have to cross via the military policewoman.

The boy with the donkey argues with the soldiers.  He is a child – he doesn't have any documents.  In the end he crosses after an inspection by the military police.


All those who were waiting crossed from the nursery side to Habla

A pause.


The crossing from Habla to the Israeli side starts.  The first five enter the military police booth.  There are many women and children.  A mother whose children are not listed in her documents has to leave her children behind and crosses alone (they have someone to accompany them back to the village).


The school bus arrives.  The driver stands in the queue with the rest of the people for inspection.


The bus crosses.

We left.


We drove to Jayyus to give out bags of clothes and utensils to the second hand shop which is opening soon.

This time we agreed to visit his house, we met his charming family and ate some of his wife's cooking. 

We listened to his views on the situation in general and his in particular.  We really felt for him.

I have a job for him – an ambassador in the Palestinian State.

His stories about their youth touched me but according to him they are not looking for vengeance, they are occupied with smoking and drinking, according to him they are lost.

He too has 15 dunams of land on the other side of the fence but he has no permit to cross.  He has no money to pay someone to work his land; the yield from his olives does not cover the costs of tending them.


We drove home.