Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Health Problems

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Tal Berglas, Ada Heilbronn (reporting)

Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

Judge: Major Adi Feigel

Interrogator: Sgt. Major Aatef Awida

Attorneys: Jalal Abu Wassel, Ra'ad Mahmid, Mohamed Aabed and Sammer Sama'an

There are 9 detaineesinfo-icon, 7 of whom are barred from meeting with an attorney. 

The hearings began at 10:00 and by 12:10 only 5 of the hearings had been completed.  The three barred detainees were brought in first.

As usual the attorneys, as they put it, are "groping in the dark", as they have not been provided with any details.  Everything is in the confidential report or in the secret material, according to the interrogator. The judge listens patiently as usual, repeats what is being said to the typist, looses patience with her and, eventually, takes the keyboard and types the minutes himself.

1. Barred: Ahmed Jazi Mohamed Abu Dar'aa, I.D. 412026718 from Nablus, arrested 13.2.09

Request for remand: 8 days.

Attorney Ra'ed Mahamid

Barred from meeting an attorney for 5 days from 15.1.09.

Judge's decision: 8 days remand. 

2. Barred: Nabil Juad Muhammed Tahan, I.D. 929645652, from Nablus.  Arrested 29.1.09

Request for remand: 8 days

Attorney: Aabed and Attorney Abu Wassel: This is the third remand. 

Tahan has been barred since he was arrested on 29.1.09.

Barred from meeting with an attorney: 3 days from 10.2.09

Judge's decision: 6 days remand. 

3. Barred: Handawi Handawi Kuwarik, I.D. 851997320, Awwarta. 

Arrested: 3.2.09.

Request for remand: 15 days.

The judge reads what the suspect said to him when he appeared without the attorneys present: "He feels good.  He is healthy..."

All four attorneys are representing this detainee, and it is not clear why.

Judge's decision: Remand of 15 days (the barring order was not received and therefore there are no details.)

4. Barred: Iyas Omar Tahsin Jura, I.D. 950230581 (There is no yellow form with the details of the detainee's place of residents or date of arrest).

Request for remand: 15 days. 

Barred from meeting with an attorney: 5 days from 14.2.09. 

The judge reads the detainee's declaration: "He underwent an operation on his hand.  He is handcuffed all the time and his hand hurts."

Remand: 15 days. 

5. Marwan Abdallah Akab Nairat, I.D. 97751534, from Ya'alin (near Jenin).

Arrested: 28.1.09.

Request for remand of 16 days.

The detainee is an older man, in his late 40s or perhaps 50. 

Attorney Jalal Abu Wassel complains in the name of his client and other detainees, that they have not been issued clean "intimate clothing" (underwear) for 10 days. The interrogator enters the detainee's room and asks about the bad smell.  He is wearing the same underwear all the time.  While he is complaining, the investigator claims that this is a lie and that the [prisoners'] underwear is being changed.

The judge's decision: Both sides have agreed on remand of 13 days.  He issues an order to give the detainees underwear by 14:00 the same day, and demands that the person responsible for the prison facility examine the issue and submit a report to him next time, as to whether this is true and why it happened.

The remaining detainees:

6. Barred: Aleb Hussein Ashtiya, I.D. 946111267

7. Barred: Arwa Haled Dubasha, I.D. 948519624

8. Barred: Hader Haled Surhageb, I.D. 914244671

9. Kima Nafe'a Abu Aiysha, I.D. 850782061