Tayasir, Wed 25.5.11, Afternoon

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Anina and Yehudit

There is a new Kiosk at the Bezeq checkpoint. Many cars cross on both directions.

Tayasir checkpoint

Three cars enter the inspection area westward without delays. A fourth car takes off before getting the soldier's ok and he yells, Back up.

It looks like a show put on for us. The driver waits patiently and five minutes later is called to the gate, receives a lecture; his papers are checked and he is allowed to proceed.

There are only a few vehicles at this time. When cars do drive by the people wave to us.The soldiers ignore us and it is just as well.

On the way to the Hamara checkpoint, there are tanks, tents and soldiers on the right hand side of the Alon road .On the other side there are herds of sheep and goats very close together.

Hamara checkpoint

Here too there are only a few cars which drive through, traffic streams along on both sides. As usual there is the scene that is hard to get used to, when pedestrians coming out of inspection put on their belts back and zip up .