Deir Sharaf, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Qalqiliya, Shave Shomron, Mon 9.5.11, Morning

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Shoshana Z., Niva S. (reporting), Translator: Judith Green


06:45   Habla. The checkpoint is closed (supposed to open at 07:00);  there are soldiers present.  A little before 07:00, they open the gatesinfo-icon and the first people enter at 06:58.  The passage is quick enough, but the military policewoman shouts commands all the time at the people going through.  One might think that, if she only spoke normally, no one would hear her.  At a certain stage, she shouted at someone "Liar!" and then the checkpoint commander sent a soldier to shut her up.  During 17 minutes, 20 people have gone through.  It seems to us that part of the reason for this slowness is that the soldiers don't allow the people to prepare for the inspection next to the turnstyle, but only on the other side of the gate and between then, when they see that the group has gone through, and they are allowed to move forward, more time is wasted.  It isn't a lot, but it adds up.  The buses with children went through quickly.  Very few (around 40) go through, since only those with agricultural permits are allowed through today (a closureinfo-icon), whereas usually, we are told, most of those going through have permits to work in Israel.

Eliyahu Gate –There is  no line, but very slow movement of workers toward the gate.

07:45  Qalqilya There is no checkpoint and no soldiers.

07:50  Isbet Tabib The village is quiet.  In the grocery, they told us that there were no visits of soldiers last night.

08:10  Falamya Tractors and cars go through.  A flock of sheep is waiting in line to pass and, after inspection of the shepherd, they pass through in the direction of the border.

08:40 On the hill of Shvut Ami one can see a religious man moving around;  on our way back, we didn't see any movement at all.

09:00  Shavei Shomron Free crossing, no soldiers.  At Dir Sharaf they say that everything was quiet. On the way back, we entered Qalqilya and things were still open, no army at the entrance and no flying checkpoints anywhere