Visit to villages, Kafr Ad 'Dik Wed. 01.06.11 morning

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Dalia Golomb, Hagar Zemer, Tova Heilperin, Dvorka Oreg, Bruria Rosenwachs (reporting

Translator: Hanna K. 


Women's club at Kafr ad Dik

Last week we were asked to visit another center for the amplification at Kafr ad Dik. They heard about our activity and asked to contact us. Today we visited this club.

When we arrived about 50 women were sitting waiting for us. After a short while, even before the beginning of the formal  activity, some women began talking with us about the economic difficulties . Once women had the possibility to work, today it is difficult, almost impossible to go out to work in Israel, and the economic distress is very serious. On the other hand they find it also difficult to sit at home idly. The center is for them a place where they can spend time with friends and study and broaden their horizon.

We opened the meeting by introducing MachsomWatch and ourselves, and by explaining what we could give them, Dalia introduced an activity with them in which she demonstrated the similarity between the Hebrew and the Arabic languages, in songs and dancing. There was much enthusiasm and everybody sang and clapped their hands.

In the second part we sat with the administration in order to plant the activities. The other women refused to depart and sat quietly listening to the conversation.

We agree on three activities: the making of ornaments, yoga and the study of the Hebrew language, and we promised to begin in a fortnight.

When we finished our conversation a few women came up to us and asked for help: two asked for medical help and we referred them to the "Physicians for Human Rights".

One of the women told us that her son who is the sole breadwinner for a family which includes 16 children and a disabled father, is a General Security Service prevented and asked for our help. We referred the son to Silvia, and hope she can help him.

The rumor about our activity seems to pass rapidly amid the villages. During the activity the director of the women's center at Kafr Raffa which is situated not far from Ad Dik turned to us and asked that we should come there too to introduce activities for the women. We promised to contact her later.

Because our team cannot take upon itself all the activities, it is very important that other members join the project. All those who are interested to direct any activity like: gymnastics, Hebrew or English teaching etc. should contact Dvorka.

The departure from the women was long and painful, they didn't want to let us go, invited us to their homes for lunch, and said excitedly that they were very  pleased with the meeting. We too were moved but there was no choice, we had to depart.

I'd like to stress that Nadim who was the interpreter at the meeting had a very important role. Without him it would have been very difficult to manage.