'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Mon 30.5.11, Afternoon

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Shoshi B., Tova H. (reporting), Nadim (driver) Translator: Charles K.




Traffic cones block traffic for a few kilometers from the entrance to Izbet Tabib along the main road (Route 55) to Azzun.  Many soldiers erecting a fence along the side of the road.

Three rows of concertina wire piled one upon the other along the side of the local road to Izbet Tabib.

We go through Azzun.  The villages are quiet, no one is around, the sun beating down.  A local man at the Jayyous taxi stand tells us there was a checkpoint for four days between Jubara and Tulkarm.

The portion of the road we’re driving on to Falamya is paved.


The Falamya checkpoint is open, two soldiers under the canopy, one at the booth.  It’s quiet; no one going through.

Kufr Jamal is quiet.  We went into the grocery; the owner’s wife gave Nadim a list of the fifty children who’ll participate in the day at the beach organized by Machsom Watch.

On our way to Jayyous we see a large bulldozer preparing the road to be paved by the Palestinian Authority.  The road is in poor condition.  We go through Jayyous and Sir.  The gate at Azzun is open.


On our way back traffic flows at the Eliyahu crossing.  A parked police jeep observes those coming through.  We’re in the lane for Israelis.

We enter Habla.  The agricultural gate is closed.  Six people waiting.  It will be open from 17:45 to 19:00.