Qalandiya, Sun 12.6.11, Afternoon

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Roni Hammermann and Tamar Fleishman (reporting); Translating: Ruth Fleishman

The beurocratic system defeated the lonely eighty year old woman and the many volunteeres who tried to help her reach the other side of the checkpoint:
"She does not belong to this DCO zone…"

The father of a babyinfo-icon of fourteen days, who had been born with brain damage and was in need of intrusive treatment, had also been defeated by bureaucracy:
"Driver! – Only one person can be the escort and that's mommy. Take daddy back!"
Claimed the soldier/commander once the baby had been transferred from one ambulance to the other, while taking her out of the West Bank plastic box (emergency kit) and placing her in the Jerusalem box, a procedure during which they disconnected her head from the West Bank tubes and reattached it to the Jerusalem tubes.

"Security above All!"- The security man who stood by her quoted the entire doctrine.