Bethlehem, Nabi Yunis, Fri 27.5.11, Morning

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Efrat B., Claire O. (both reporting)



Bethlehem– Checkpoint 300:  three checking booths are open.  Crossing of Palestinians from Bethlehem is regulated, so that there are no lines and no pressure from the Israeli side; but judging by the shouting of the female soldier on the other side ("hajah! hajah!"), and by the complaint of a Palestinian who told us he had waited one hour and fifteen minutes -- there is much pressure for those coming from Bethlehem.

A very cheery task: we drove to Nabi Yunis to return money to a Palestinian who had transferred it to pay a lawyer to deal with his case.  After working in Israel, he had been abruptly informed that his permit is terminated. He turned to Silvia, paid his fee for the lawyer who was appointed, and then just as suddenly before the lawyer had begun dealing with his case, the prohibition was cancelled...!

There are miracles and exceptions which only affirm the sad and frustrating rules.  We met a man who can once again hope to provide for his family with dignity.