Tayasir, Tue 19.7.11, Morning

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Revital S., Hanna H. (Reporting, Photographs)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

04:45 – Bezek Checkpoint

It is still dark.

05:05 – Hamra Checkpoint (See Photograph)

There are two large groups of workers.  One is waiting at the junction towards the north and the other is waiting just east of the checkpoint. They continue on their way in private cars.  We did not see any buses or minibuses – perhaps they had already left.  By 05:30 more workers have arrived and continued on their way in private cars.  After that there was a significant decline in the number of people passing through.  There were also many trucks carrying large slabs of stone.  There are 10 soldiers who appear to be reservists, together with two women soldiers and a dog.   A jeep is standing west of the checkpoint with its doors open and a yellow light flashing.  The soldiers walk back and forth in front of the jeep, while the dog lies in the road with his handler next to him.  We left at 06:05.

The pile of dirt west of the Alon road has grown higher. Any potential entrance to the road is blocked by piles of dirt. 

Meanwhile it is beginning to be light and the tent encampments start to show signs of life.  Flocks gather and smoke is rising from the tents.  When we look towards the settlement of Maskiot we see that there is a new line of electric poles and a street that is being developed to the south, as well as a large building on the north side of the street.  At the entrance to the settlement there is a sign directing people to a wedding – a mark of the conqueror.  .    

The road to Tayasir Checkpoint is sunlit and we see tent encampments which we haven’t seen before, as well as corrals with sheep and camels.  The entrance to one of the roads leading southward is brightly lit. These roads are being used for military maneuvers.  

06:35 – Tayasir Checkpoint

Previously there were spikes at the checkpoint which would tear the tires of any cars attempting to drive through the checkpoint.  Now there is a red plastic barrier.  The military base has been removed and the inner part of the position is painted green.  Three soldiers are idly chatting next to the position near the road and there is no traffic.  We left at 06:55.

At 07:10 we passed the Bezek Checkpoint. We were greeted “good morning” and then we continued on our way.