Deir Sharaf, Eliyahu Crossing, Jit, Mon 25.7.11, Morning

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Dafna S., Nina S., Ronny S. (reporting), Translator: Judith Green





06:40 Eliyahu passage The checkpoint has been renovated and enlarged.  About 20 Palestinians wait at the crossing and about 10 vehicles.

 06:55  Agricultural passage north Jayyus .  A tractor with a cart and a number of passengers is at the passage for inspection, and another tractor is waiting in front of the gate.  Pedestrians arrive from the village and go through quickly.  Another 2 tractors arrive and go through quickly.  At the last moment, another small truck and a tractor arrive.  The soldiers are more relaxed today, the gate closes at 07:20.

07:27  Falamya  Very quiet.  A car with some of the owners of the flocks which are in the field, is going out to the field.

07:40 We leave. It is very hot. We travel by way of the villages, very few people on the street, the fruit and vegetables in the shops are covered with cloth against the heat.  They continue to repair and widen the roads.  We leave by way of the village Haj'ah to Funduk and continue to road #55.


08:10  Deir Sharaf Here we meet a Palestinian coming from the village next to the checkpoint, Hamra, and he signs the forms sent by Haya Ofek in order to solve his problem of security clearance with the police. On the way back, we see that the soldiers at the pickup point are still guarding; we observe the new neighborhood being built at Kedumim and see that there is no movement on the hill "Shvut Ami". Beyond Nebi Elias the fig season has begun and there are a lot of peddlers...We go through the Elia passage, this time with no delays