Ofer - Stone Throwing, Remand Extension

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Hava Halevi, Judith Sternberg (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

For a long time the court was in a turmoil: detaineesinfo-icon came in and out, attorneys, judges, and security guards moved about, talking and creating a commotion. The judge whispered to the typist, and she seemed to record the proceeding, but the atmosphere in the court resembled a marketplace. It wasn't clear what was going on. Things calmed down only when the hearing of the next three cases began.

Adham Abu Tama - Case Nr. 1048/10

Adham Ayoub - Case Nr. 1049/10

Ahmad Ata Said Asias - Case Nr. 1050/10

Judge: Captain Naphtali Shmulevitch

Military Prosecution: Asher Silber

Defense: Atty. Muhamad Shafdan

The three detainees, 16-17 years old, are suspected of hurling rocks at infantry security forces that entered their village. The Attorney, who lives in the same village, stated that they could not have been correctly identified, because at the time of the arrest (19:30) the place was totally dark. The attorney referred mainly to defendant Adham Ayoub whose family is in the US and he himself is about to join them in a few days. The three, the defense claims, met in order to study English, not to interfere with security in the region. The judge postponed the discussion of the defense's case to a later stage and remanded the three in custody until the end of the proceedings.

Arraignment hearing is set for 18.1.10.

Jamal Jumaa  - Case Number 34013/09

(see earlier report: Ofer 4.1.10)

Judge: Avshalom Meushar

Military Prosecutor: Sigal Tidhar

Defense: Atty. Fathi Shabta, Atty. Mahmud Hassan

There were many people in the audience including the wife, daughter and brother of Jamal Jumaa, the consuls of Spain and Norway and Israeli activists. The defendant is charged with links to a hostile organization and with providing services, allegedly in October 2007.  The incident in question took place in Jordan and involved a third person who implicated Jumaa. The claim is that the defendant met with a certain Hassan Jaja who tried to recruit him to the Hizbullah.  Since the defendant's computer contains a correspondence with Hassan Jaja, lasting until 2009, he is charged with links to the organization. The remand request will enable the prosecution to complete the investigation.

The defense points out that the third party has not been charged, even though he took part in the event. Moreover, Jumaa, who is a journalist and active against the occupation, has not broken any law. The defense moved for an alternative to detention.

For reasons of probable cause the judge ordered a remand for 6 more days, (until 12.1.10)

Jamal Jumaa was released on 12.1.10!